这个计划仅提供给老客户,打电话或者直接登陆fido账号后,通过live chat提出即可获得。


3GB of data
Spotify Premium (2 year free)
Mini Voicemail
Call Display
Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian, US and International wireless numbers
Canada-wide long distance calls
Circle Calling
Call Waiting
Extended Coverage
Unlimited airtime
If you happen to go over your 3GB of data, you would be charged $5 per ever 250MB, and this plan is $50 a month + taxes 🙂

$5 value pack
Premium Voicemail-To-Text1
Get a text and audio version of your voicemails
35 Voice Messages2
Unlimited U.S. & International Text Messaging3
Premium Calling Rate4
(save up to 98% on calls from Canada to 180 destinations)5
2500 Call Forwarding minutes6
Name Display

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